Please note that testimonials, while from real clients, denote one individual’s outcomes. Your results may vary based on a wide variety of factors.

“Organized classes. Easy to follow. Simple, but powerful. Enjoyed the information and am already using it!” Columbia, MD

“Relaxing atmosphere. Plenty of material packed in, but not hard to learn. I liked the bonus of learning about oils and crystals along with the hypnosis information. Thanks so much for this class.” Severn, MD

“Highly recommend. Easy to follow with loads of examples and participation opportunities. Patti is passionate about sharing with others.” Baltimore, MD

“Patti is in-tune and on her game while instructing a new and up comer in this field! She is easy to follow, understand, and allows time for you to practice both your book and discussion knowledge. She selectively provides guests for you to practice on; and allows a Q&A afterwards with the guest. It is because of her professionalism in this field, I chose to take her classes and become a CHT myself. I’m looking forward to applying my skills to assist others with their healthcare and personal issues.  I also am a client of Patti’s and have gained a lot of positive in my life, with her assistance. Thank you for all Patti!” Laurel, MD

“Thanks for  the hypnosis class. Although it was my first, I can already tell this is the modality for me. I’m excited. I’m able to view my opportunities in a totally different way. Plenty of learning, yet wasn’t difficult. Patti’s natural teaching ability makes it all seem so comfortable. The time flew by!” Catonsville, MD

“The class was designed for quick usage. We were putting the information into practical use so quickly. The environment is safe and nonjudgmental. Everyone is equal. A great experience for sure!” Elliott City, MD

Thank you, Patti for facilitating a fabulous training. You managed to cover all the necessary information as well as the “soft skills” needed to be a hypnosis practitioner. Most of all, your kindness, compassion and generous, open heart mixed with your professionalism make you a perfect role model for any practitioner of the healing arts. “Thank you” is not nearly enough to convey what you have given me during this training. I am humbled and yet inspired to walk in your footsteps. Baltimore, MD

“A great class. FUN. It’s obvious Patti enjoys teaching others and wants everyone to succeed.” Columbia, MD


“I felt so calm and slept so deeply the night of my first session.” Fulton, MD
“I’m so excited that Quiet Time offers Biomat sessions. It’s warm, quiet, and comfortable, and Patti checks in very subtly, once during the session to make sure you’re okay, like a mother watching over her child. If you’re meditating or sleeping, you don’t even notice. Biomat has been wonderful for me for both Lyme detox and back pain. It’s a great therapeutic tool, and the nurturing environment at Quiet Time is the next best thing to having one in your own home.” Ellicott City, MD


“I was completely relaxed, which never happens in my life.I felt open to receive guidance and new ideas for my business. I also noticed how great I slept the night of my session. I plan to make the amethyst sessions a regular part of self-care.”
Columbia, MD


“So, after the Amethyst Biomat session, my sleep has been very good, I noticed that my body temperature was higher that first night. And my mind was cleared on a problem I’d been wrestling with for a while! I feel more confident of my position on the issue than I had been for a while! I even feel a deepening of my spiritual life.” Towson, MD

The session itself was very relaxing and comforting; I look forward to doing it again!

“I loved my session on the Biomat! I could feel the energies of the crystals moving through me, and I felt so relaxed. I let a lot of emotional stuff go, too. Patti’s lovely presence made me feel so pampered and cared for… it was a wonderful, healing session.” Baltimore, MD


Please note that testimonials, while from real clients, denote one individual’s outcomes. Your results may vary based on a wide variety of factors.

“Our son has been excited about the changes. He’s become the STAR of his basketball team. Since his hypnosis sessions,he has discovered his passion. We can’t possibly thank you enough.” Catonsville, MD

“Although I’ve only experienced one hypnosis session with you, I already know this modality is the solution I’ve been waiting for. My attitude is positive. WOW. What an enormous change. Thnak you from the bottom of my heart.I don’t really know what the future holds for me, but I’m looking forward to it!. Maybe I’ll take your class and become a hypnotist.  Who knows?” Towson. MD

“I am very pleased. I am feeling capable of responding in a much more appropriate manner to everyday situations. I’m mindful and calm. I’m smiling and liking myself. My family and friends have noticed how much happier I am. My monthly sessions are a significant and crucial part of my transformation. Thanks, Patti.” Ellicott City, MD

“We feel like our daughter is back to her old self. She’s relaxed and laughing again. We plan to continue her sessions. It’s making a world of difference.” Rockville, MD

“Hypnosis has allowed me to be in tune with taking much better care of myself. I’ve increased my exercise. I feel balanced and my confidence continues to grow.” Gambrills, MD

“I’ve lost over 50 pounds so far. My mind supports my goals  now. I feel in control and very proud. Loving my results.” Jessup, MD

“Our daughter (age 9) has been much calmer since her sessions with you. She is easier to get along with. She seems to be enjoying school better, too. We can’t thank you enough. We will be back!” Columbia, MD

“What a wonderful thing to realize I’m in charge of my behaviors. My addictions are no controlling me. I deserve this new life. I’m feeling free. I’m finally able to move forward in my life now.” Baltimore, MD

“I can honestly say I feel like I’m communicating with myself and others better. I’m experiencing clarity.When I’m calmer I find that I’m sleeping more deeply and able to make wiser choices concerning food. This continues to be a positive experience. Looking forward to my next session.” Laurel, MD

“Hypnosis has supported my goal of becoming a calmer person. I don’t get angry so quickly anymore. I’m able to respond to situations with more common sense instead of over-reacting. It’s changing my life. I should also mention how thankful my family is, Patti. My sessions have impacted us all.” Silver Spring, MD

“I just wanted to say thank you. Before my hypnosis sessions, I was struggling to find balance in my life. Everything seemed to be focused on eating and my constant struggle with weight management. I couldn’t even remember what if felt like to be satisfied after eating and I don’t remember the last time I had leftovers on my plate. From the moment that I woke up from the hypnosis session I felt a change. I was happy and hopeful for my life. I was able to eat a normal portion size at dinner and actually feel content. Not only have I noticed a change in my attitude and eating habits, but so have my roommates, coworkers and family members. I really appreciate everything that you have done for me. Before hypnosis I was borderline depressed, was on the verge of an eating disorder and just plain unhappy with my life. Now I am eating healthy, I have a positive attitude and am excited to see what the future has in store for me. My only regret is that I did not try hypnosis sooner. I look forward to my sessions with Patti! ” Baltimore, MD

Please note that testimonials, while from real clients, denote one individual’s outcomes. Your results may vary based on a wide variety of factors.

“I feel I’m in control. My anxiety levels are lower after my hypnosis sessions. My own strengths are becoming apparent. I feel very proud of myself.”  Columbia, MD

“I’m dropping pounds thanks to a major lifestyle change and shift in my mind.I have to admit, I like what I see in the mirror. I should really have done this a long time ago, but am glad I’m on the right track now.” Baltimore, MD

“My one session for test anxiety helped me very much. Before I used to get really scared, jittery and nervous about tests, but now I don’t even think twice about it.” Laurel,(MD High School Student)

“I’ve accomplished so much in the last month. I’m more organized, productive and just getting things done. Using my time wisely is making a difference. I have become more mindful. Hypnosis is working for me.” Columbia, MD

“I have experienced remarkable changes. Not only am I no longer biting my nails, I feel calmer. I have noticed that I am easily able to avoid conflicts. It seems like those around me are changing, but what I’m realizing is that I am the one changing. I don’t over-react or argue with others like I used to. I feel peaceful. Hypnosis is making a huge difference. Thanks! Columbia, MD

“I had no idea that hyponsis could free you from childhood issues – all while relaxing in a chair. After my session with you, I walked out of your office, and made several decisions to move my business (and life) forward. While I had been thinking about some of these things for awhile, I had not implemented them. I am happy to say that everything I have been thinking about, has all been implemented less than 1 week later. I feel lighter, happier and my relationships in my family are much better. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!” Elkridge, MD

“I haven’t had much chocolate or snacks. Even if snacks are available I’m easily able to ignore them. I feel good about myself. I’m surprised how I’m eating so well. I’m not eating after dinner. I realized that was only a habit. Even on vacation I was able to pause and reflect about my food choices.I like being more mindful.” Centreville, MD

“I don’t think about food as much since my session. My evening eating has almost stopped completely. I’m realizing that I used food for anxiety reasons. ” Odenton, MD

“I feel light, joyful and so grateful to finally be smoke-free.Thanks, Patti!” GlenBurnie, MD

“I’ve slept more soundly since my hypnosis session. I haven’t slept this well in years. I’m more energetic. I’m not eating much at night anymore. There have been definite differences and major accomplishments for me. ” Severn, MD

“I visited Quiet Time Hypnosis to get help with over eating junk food. I would sometimes eat so many potato chips after work that I felt sick. It has been three months since my hypnosis session. I have never felt deprived of food or really craved things like potato chips. I have lost 9 pounds. The most amazing thing is that I don’t feel like I am doing anything different but I must be- I even started a new school year, when I typically gain weight and this year it didn’t effect me! Thanks Patti!” Ellicott City, MD

“I have not bitten my nails once since my hypnosis sessions. It’s remarkable. The calmness and my ability to feel in control of my actions have changed my life. I seem to be sleeping much better, too.” Clarksville, MD

Please note that testimonials, while from real clients, denote one individual’s outcomes. Your results may vary based on a wide variety of factors.

“I suffered for years with a fear of flying. I was so limited.  After three sessions with Patti, I go exactly where I want. It’s like a gift of freedom.” Catonsville, MD

“Surgery went very well.Very little need for pain med and I have felt very much peaceful and calm! I truly believe that the hypnosis was critical in managing the pain and the stress. I am now one week post-op and I am feeling stronger each day.”  Columbia, MD

“Patti Sapp is very professional, informative and caring to work with. Hypnosis really reduced my anxiety and helped me achieve both professional and personal goals. I highly recommend Quiet Time Hypnosis.”  Ellicott City, MD

“I’m feeling an increase in my confidence since my hypnosis sessions. My thoughts and words are more deliberate because my focus seems clear. I’m able to dwell on the positive, which has been a relief for me.” Columbia, MD

“My fear of heights has improved after one hypnosis session.I was looking down from the top of the stairs at work today. It was about 3rd story high. It didn’t bother me much. In addition, I remember after our session, I felt more comfortable climbing up the ladder in the afternoon for my flying trapeze class. I have also noticed my ability to sleep has improved. I can sleep much better than before. I hadn’t had a good night’s sleep in about a year and notice that I can sleep deeply now. It feels great.Thanks for your help!” Lancaster, Massachusetts

“It’s been so very interesting. With each session, I feel like I’m becoming me again. I’m experiencing clarity. I’m finally thinking, saying and doing what I want. It’s like I have given myself the freedom to be me. I anticipate each session to see what will unfold.” Westminster, MD

“I haven’t been binge eating at all. I have had no chocolate since my first hypnosis session. Strawberries and blueberries have completely satisified me. I feel in total control now.”  Columbia, MD

“Hypnosis is definitely making a difference for me. I have felt SO organized. I’ve made detailed lists and have felt more confident as I accomplish everything on my lists. My life has changed after my first hypnosis session! ”  Baltimore, MD

“I feel so satisfied with fruits and vegetables now. I have had zero sodas since my first hypnosis session. This is a big accomplishment for me. I didn’t realize it was going to be this easy.”  Glen Burnie, MD

Please note that testimonials, while from real clients, denote one individual’s outcomes. Your results may vary based on a wide variety of factors.

“I am no longer a smoker. I honestly didn’t ever believe it could happen. It’s been interesting for me as I use my mind to support this goal. It worked.” Baltimore, MD

“My grandson had been struggling with focusing in school. After only three sessions, his teacher has remarked, “The change is amazing.” She used to have him refocus to get him to write just one sentence. He is now writing paragraphs independently. Hypnosis with Patti is the only intervention we have used and it’s working. Patti is wonderful with children. My grandson looks forward to his visits with her.” Elkridge, MD

“My business was not moving forward as it should have been, and I could not figure out what I needed to do differently. I was fortunate to meet Patti, and after hearing about the work she does, decided to give hypnosis a try. My session was personalized to help clear my blocks. After only one session with Patti, things started to flow more easily; everything business-wise started falling into place. I am very pleased with the outcome of Patti’s expertise!”  Timonium, MD

“I really feel that I’m easily drawn to healthier food choices on a constant basis since my first hypnosis session. It’s easier than I expected it to be.”  Columbia, MD

“I am feeling much better. I have noticed that I am not yelling nearly as much as I use to. I have also noticed I have more patience then I use to. Thank you for everything.”  Glen Burnie, MD

“There’s a feeling of relief. I am able to feel less anger and sadness. I’m actually changing how I treat myself. It feels good. ”  Ellicott City, MD

“I have felt a shift in my thinking. It makes it easy for me to eat better and to drink more water. I’m expecting continued progress with each visit.” Baltimore, MD

“I feel more calm and confident. I like listening to my own voice of reason, rather than letting others control me.”  Columbia, MD

“I have felt stronger, calmer and hopeful since my hypnosis session.” Columbia, MD

“I feel so grateful. The obsession concerning childhood issues are no longer controlling my thoughts. I’m experiencing such relief and peace.” Columbia, MD

“I’m doing great in the exercising department and eating so much better. Thanks.” Ellicott City, MD

“My daughter was greatly relieved of testing anxiety with ONE session with Patti. I am very grateful and will be back for more before the other big assessments. Thanks Patti!!” Laurel, MD

“Feeling a lot calmer. Settled. It’s magic! Thank you! ”  Baltimore, MD

“Although I was a little skeptical at first, after talking with you before our session, I felt safe and secure and confident that change could happen. Change did happen! I am grateful for you and the time we spent together. Thanks for all you do I really believe you have found your calling.” Elkridge, MD

“My friends can’t believe how motivated I am to exercise. I have been surprised how much more interested I am in caring for myself. I am pleased to care for myself more than ever before.” Randallstown, MD

“I hear my inner voice encouraging me constantly. I feel more confident now. Hypnosis is working for me.”  Ellicott City, MD

“I no longer have any cravings for chips. I’m losing weight and am beginning my new exercise routine. I look forward to each session.” Catonsville, MD

“I am now able to comfortably drive virtually anywhere I wish. The driving anxiety is now in my past after just a few hypnosis sessions. ” Baltimore, MD

“After only one session with Patti I found I was able to remain calm in situations that I would normally become very anxious. I’m less confrontational with people around me, espcially those close to me. I’m so glad I tried hypnosis.”   Mt. Airy, MD

“I went to dinner with friends after my first weight-loss hypnosis session. I ate such a small amount and felt full and satisfied. The vegetables tasted so good to me. I was able to take over half of my dinner home. I was so surprised and pleased. ”
Ellicott City, MD

Please note that testimonials, while from real clients, denote one individual’s outcomes. Your results may vary based on a wide variety of factors.

“Throughout nursing school I have struggled with test anxiety. Just one test could ultimately lead to failing out of school or could be the determining factor for licensure. My heart would race and I would feel nauseous every time I thought about taking my boards! I went to Patti because I knew I had to control my anxiety before it controlled me. With Patti’s help, I was calm studying for the tests and on the actual day of the test. I was able to relax and think clearly, which led to me passing the most important test of my career. I would highly recommend hypnosis to any student who struggles with test anxiety or anxiety in general.”  Fairfax, VA

“I am doing great.  Up to walking four to five miles a day.  I am really starting to see a difference as I am  firming up and slimming down.  Thanks for all your help.” Elkridge, MD

“Patti truly has a God given talent for helping people. She made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. Since my first session, I have noticed subtle differences in my appetite and confidence level. I look forward to more positive changes in my life, thanks to Patti.” Hanover, MD

“Through hypnosis, I have been able to set aside negative emotions and lack of motivation that were impacting my life both personally and professionally. Hypnosis has enabled me to focus and concentrate on daily work tasks so much that I’ve accomplished 6 months worth of work in only 2 weeks and has allowed me to think more clearly about relationships in my life.”  Westminster, MD

“From the moment I entered Patti’s office I felt 100% comfortable in her presence. Her desire to be helpful comes from the heart and you sense that right away. She is an exceptional listener and observer~~ very easy to share conversation with, and was insightful about me in ways I did not anticipate, which added to my comfort and my confidence in her abilities.She was so generous with her time and knowledge! If you are ready to move forward in your life and are open to hypnosis, then you will be rewarded by spending time with Patti.”   Baltimore City, MD

“I’m learning how to relax. I can definitely see a difference in my attitude and my approach to everyday situations. I get full much quicker than I used to, so can’t eat as much as I used to. I have noticed positive changes and it’s unbelievable! Thank you so much, Patti.” Ellicott City, MD

“My bridge phobia has bothered me for about 5 years.It disrupted my life to the point of having to ride with someone else who was driving or take a different route.  After one session with Patti at Quiet Time Hypnosis, I was able to use the tools and techniques given to me, to drive successfully over the Bay Bridge in my first attempt!” Ellicott City, MD

Please note that testimonials, while from real clients, denote one individual’s outcomes. Your results may vary based on a wide variety of factors.