Who Can Be Hypnotized?

Most people can be hypnotized. Different people go into hypnosis in different ways. Part of the hypnotist’s job is to identify what specific approach will work best for each client. There is a common (but false) idea that those with a 'strong will’ … [Continue reading]

WHY Does Hypnosis Work So Fast?

Many people wonder: WHY does the use of hypnosis work so much more quickly than other approaches?? Here's why: Traditional type approaches to problems typically use the conscious mind. A study of psychotherapy literature by Alfred A. … [Continue reading]

“Inner Beauty”

What is Inner Beauty? If you’ve spent some time in a dressing room at any local mall, you’ve heard common complaints, “This dress was made for someone taller.” “These lumps on my thighs have to go.” ” A personal favorite, “My curves are just too … [Continue reading]

Four CraZy and Effective Ways to be in the PRESENT MOMENT

Four CraZy and Effective Ways to be in the PRESENT MOMENT By Patti Sapp M.Ed, CHT It’s common to look forward to the future. As a matter of fact, most adults are continuously thinking about whatever may be next. Some call it … [Continue reading]

Hypnosis Myths and FACTS

Get the Facts about Hypnosis Myth: Intelligent people can’t be hypnotized. FACT: Quite the contrary, studies suggest that people of above average intelligence who are capable of concentrating and who have anactive imagination get the best results. … [Continue reading]

Top Reasons To 
Become a Hypnotherapist

By Patti Sapp, CH Have you ever thought about becoming a hypnotherapist?  In our expanding universe of information, there has been more interest and support for hypnotherapy, and now might be the time.  There are a lot of reasons that hypnotherapy … [Continue reading]