Manifesting with Action

Consider these two scenarios:

A person wants a job.

She looks at all of the options on- line and from other sources.

She sees a few really interesting positions.

She sits at home and hopes.

Then she wishes some more and tells a friend about the interesting jobs.

She talks about how great it would be to have one of the jobs.

She thinks about it almost everyday.

She looks at the jobs on-line a few more times.

She remembers she was rejected once, a long time ago.

She thinks of some reasons she might not get selected.

She even goes to bed at night thinking about the possibility of employment and some more reasons she might not get hired.

Sometimes she wakes up thinking about a job, and then stays home thinking about it some more.

She remains unemployed.

She gets angry. (annoyed, makes excuses, frustrated(fill in the blank)

A person wants a job.

She looks on-line and uses other sources to see the options.

She writes, re-writes, edits and finally prints out her resume.

She applies for several jobs, asking people she knows for references.

She gets an interview.

She begins thinking about her qualifications and how she can be an asset to the company.

She visualizes learning, interacting with others and becoming a part of the company.

She thinks about a time, long ago when she was hired for a job.

She does major research about the company, takes loads of notes and prepares questions ahead.

She rehearses some possible responses in front of the mirror, paying special attention to what the interviewer will see and hear and the kind of impression she’ll make.

She gets ready with clothing that is comfortable and makes her feel professional.

She shows up early and feels nervous, but also feels excited, curious and prepared.

Afterwards, she sends a follow-up email or letter that expresses gratitude and continued interest.

She becomes employed.

She is grateful.


  1. Manifesting is EVERYTHING!!! It’s all about your attitude and being in control of the thoughts in your mind. I used to blame others and got really angry about situations, but when I realized it was all in my own power, things changed for the better. Amen to manifesting!

  2. Donna Robusto says

    Very direct, true, and essential, advice for effectively embracing one’s power for manifesting what’s desired.

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