Mindful or MindFULL?

Three Easy Ways to Get Grounded

A garden filled with fresh herbs or a full tank of gas for a road trip adventure are always appreciated, especially as we head into Spring. NOT helpful: A FULL mind.

Do you worry about circumstances that have never happened? We frequently suffer from our own thoughts and imagination more than from real-life situations. It can take up valuable time. It’s comical how our thoughts can spiral out of control on a whim. 

First, you’re driving through a rainstorm with your windshield wipers assisting your clear vision. Your mind can temporarily take over and  suddenly you’re a super hero for saving the life of a frightened baby deer who wandered off in the storm and was separated from her nervous mother. 🙂 If you have a wild imagination, it can mean you’re a creative and intelligent thinker. 

 Here are some easy ways to become more mindful and grounded:

1. Hug a Tree

There’s a practice in Japan known as Forest Bathing, (‘Shinrin-yoku’). It’s an ancient practice that encourages us to become one with the trees. It’s believed that using our five senses when outdoors, especially near trees can keep us feeling more mindful, grounded and can even boost your immune system.

2. Shake, Rattle and Roll

Choose any kind of movement from dance, to hula hooping to slow and purposeful movement such as QiGong or Tai Chi. Feel that wonderful gift of endorphins. Remember to self-regulate, but even a few sore muscles can be a helpful gift as you become mindful of your own beautiful body.

 Hint: If possible, move with your shoes off to feel even more grounded.

3. Choose Your Thoughts

Just like selecting what to wear in the morning, we are free to choose our own daily thoughts. When positive and helpful thoughts are repeated on a regular basis, they will create new neural pathways in the mind. Whatever we focus on becomes our reality. A simple, but powerful thought, such as “I’m remarkably productive in all ways,” 

As you become mindful, you’ll decide to utilize your wonderful creativity in more beneficial ways. A mind that’s experiencing clarity and a body that is grounded will work in an amazing harmony for your highest and greatest good. Today is the perfect time to begin. 


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