Focus on Solutions

At Quiet time Hypnosis, we focus on SOLUTIONS, rather than problems.

So many times I hear:

MY stress, MY anxiety, MY habit, MY fear, MY addiction, MY pain … 🙁

The language we use can make a significant difference within the subconscious mind.

The little word MY indicates our wish to own, keep or claim a problem. This is rarely

our intention, is it? Instead, it’s more helpful to release it. I offer you a simple challenge:

Instead of using the word MY, try this: “I’m currently experiencing _____, and expect to feel

better very soon.” Focus on the good. Keep your thoughts helpful. Claim your intentions! 🙂


  1. While in hypnosis, your mind is more open to accepting the ideas you truly want. These ideas can help you to change or control your behaviors, emotions, health, anything the vast power of the mind may influence. Hypnosis has two main parts, induction and suggestion. The induction helps you to achieve the state of hypnosis. Suggestions are the ideas you want to help you reach your goal.

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